Make a Partial payment for services or advice rendered. 

Pay what you can afford for the services rendered or our time.

We can help complete your project. 

Felisha and Avion 
run the Accounting Department.
We update you and your account.

What are you paying for?

Any item, service or product done on your behalf has to be paid for.

Who will oversee the Contractors?

We will!  
Please address any outstanding invoices so that we can move forward faster.

Will contractors work fast?

Yes! In order to continue, a payment needs to be made as soon as possible.

How do we start?

Pay your bill as soon as possible because we are waiting on you.
A Payment is needed in order for services to start!

What about discounts?

We will get you the best prices. 
As per our agreement, you agree to pay for the services needed in order for us to continue.