What’s Your Idea?

Movie ideas!

Do you have your movie in script format?
Have you presented your idea to the industry?
Do you have any artwork for the movie?
Do you have a trailer for the movie?
Do you have a commercial for the movie?

What’s Your Idea?

Book ideas!

Is your book ready to be published?

Who do you think will read your book?

Who will buy your book?

What are the benefits of your book?


Breaking into the literary (book) profession is daunting.
With so many hopefuls flooding the fields of agents, publicists and other highly prized openings, it seems impossible.

What’s Your Idea?


Is your invention for an existing product?

is your invention new to the industry?

What’s Your Idea?


Do you have a song that can be a HIT?

Are you willing to do what needs to be done to be successful in the music business?

 It is easy to make it in the music business.

It is easier not to make it in the music business.

What’s Your Idea?


Do you have a TV show script?

What advertisers do you think would be interested in your TV Show? 

What’s Your Idea?


Do you have a package ready for the industry?

Do you think you have what it takes to be an actor?

What’s Your Idea?


Do you have an example of your cooking show ready?

Do you lots to say in front of a camera or audience?

What’s Your Idea?

What is your idea?

Let us pitch your idea to the industry!

You can do it!

Let’s Get It

We need to talk to you in detail about your project.
The possibilities that you are looking for are out there.
We need to get your project out there!

2 + 2 =

We also have a lot of questions for you.

Do you need representation to the industry on your idea?

 Do you have all of the elements needed in order for us to present your idea to the industry?

Are you willing to go to conventions with the industry?

Will you need investors for your project?

What is your best idea?

What is your most important idea?

What idea do you think will make the most money first?